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Dec. 8th, 2015 09:03 pm
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A Memory of Ashes
(ao3 ff.net)
Paths cross in the crumbling city of Luskan as Jarlaxle confronts his memories of what happened in Baldur's Gate. A story of betrayal, intrigue, and gratuitous warehouse explosions. Post-Spellplague, pre-Neverwinter Saga.

Rules (tumblr)
Prompt-fic. Kimmuriel ponders the consequences of his actions. A missing scene from "A Memory of Ashes."

Cold (tumblr)
A ficlet I wrote when I was drunk. Jarlaxle runs into a cold, tired Entreri in a universe where "Charon's Claw" never really happened.

There's No Going Down (dreamwidth)
Sequel to Cold, written in a fic-trade with callmesherly on tumblr.

Unquiet Ghosts (livejournal tumblr)
Missing scene fic after the end of The Silent Blade. Dwahvel Tiggerwillies has some unfinished business with the assassin that's been haunting her.

Heaven is Overrated
Space-opera!AU. Yes, really. This is what happens when I listen to too much sci-fi filk in one day. It has its own index.
The Opposite of Arrogance (tumblr)
Another AU. Catti-brie finds herself working for Bregan D'aerthe during the course of "Starless Night."

Counterfeit (dreamwidth)
Sellswords era. A brief, frustrating conversation between Entreri and Jarlaxle about emotions.

Domestic Fluff (tumblr)
Fluffy prompt-fic. The sellswords gain a troublesome apartment-warming present. A revised version was posted to fanfiction.net under the title "Positive Space."

So Slow a Pace as This (dreamwidth)
Drabble written in post-Maestro feels.

A Moment In Ice (dreamwidth)
Pre-PotWK. Entreri and Jarlaxle find themselves on the road in Damara when a blizzard hits. Cuddling and fluff.

Sparks in the Night (tumblr)
AU ficlet. Banter-fic that takes place after a plot deviation from Last Threshold.

As The Ice Will Go
(dreamwidth tumblr)
Pre-Maestro, missing scene fic. Something to fill in the gaps from Entreri going from refusing to exist in the same city as Jarlaxle to asking for his help.

The Ninth Parry
(dreamwidth tumblr)
Sequel to As The Ice Will Go. Artemis inches slightly closer towards tolerating Jarlaxle again.

Isolation (livejournal)
Ficlet. A kinkmeme fill. Prompt was Catti Brie/Drizzt/Entreri threesome. I cannot write porn, so they got cooperative wound-treatment instead.

Unmasked (livejournal: Part 1 Part 2)
An AU of an AU. A sequel to SquirrellyThief's fic, Masquerade, in which Entreri and Drizzt run into each other and unknowingly have a one-night stand during the Spellplague timeskip. I wanted to know what would happen next.


Every Song's An OTP Song if You Try Hard Enough: King And Lionheart (livejournal tumblr)

No Such Thing as a Good King: Politics and Narrative Framing in Road of the Patriarch (tumblr)

Untitled 1 (tumblr)
In which I like weirdly obscure combinations of stuff, in this case Fanfiction as Negative Space and Brust's Literary Theory of Cool.

Untitled 2 (tumblr)
Happy flailings about Starless Night

Untitled 3 (tumblr)
Mutterings about mysterious character motivations and RAS's fondness for them.

On Empathy (livejournal)
A short personal essay about empathy and character development.

Why Idalia's Flute Can Go Blow Itself to Hell (dreamwidth)
Personal essay about asexuality, autism, and Road of the Patriarch. An examination and defense of my own emotions.

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So the effective premise for my "herding cats" AU (which I haven't posted much of yet) is basically that, if people actually would communicate with each other like adults, they could be braiding flowers into each others' hair in a sunlit meadow instead of trying to kill each other and running off into blizzards.

This is, I guess, the endpoint of that premise.  Sometime after The Last Threshold.  The companions of the hall, if they are alive, are not in this fic.

Summary:  Polyamorous hair-braiding in a sunlit meadow.  Artemis/Dahlia/Drizzt/Jarlaxle.  Possibly the most saccharine thing I've ever written.
Wordcount: 2086
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Spring cleaning! I'm going through my WIP folder and trying to finally post those fics that have been a paragraph or two away from completion for literal months. This is the first of the batch.

Summary: Missing scene from Maestro. Because when you've been captured by drow and can't escape, there's nothing to distract you from hitting your ex-boyfriend/business partner in the face with his bad life choices.
Wordcount: 851

broken bones are stronger for the breaking / no, the danger's in the bending / the concessions that you never can take back )
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More space-opera fic. This one takes place not long after Stowaway and will hopefully offer new insight on Fire Point.

Summary: In which Drizzt meets Alustriel Silverhand, famed geneticist, under less-than-ideal circumstances. (Title from Frost's "Nothing Gold Can Stay.")

they're kindred instruments you know, the scalpel and the plow )

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(And by "review" I definitely mean "disorganized thought-spam.")

Non-spoilery thoughts on "Hero":

Not as bad as I was worried it would be. If this is where the series ends, I'm pretty okay with it. I wish we'd gotten more resolution with the Netherese-betrayal arc, but the amount of resolution we got lays the foundation for post-fic slowburn forgiveness fic.

Spoilery thoughts on "Hero", in no particular order:

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Summary: I'm pretty okay with this book. There are things I would have liked to have gotten more of, but there's nothing that really bothered me. I don't feel bitter and upset like I did at the end of Road of the Patriarch, which was my main concern. There's a lot of ripe soil for post-canon fluff fic, which also makes me happy. If this is the resolution and last hurrah for these characters, I can accept that.
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The Opposite of Arrogance is an AU that diverges during Starless Night. In it, Catti-brie gets Jarlaxle to agree to help her rescue Drizzt from the Baenres, but is informed that it could take a while. In the meantime, she's working for Bregan D'aerthe and experiencing culture shock with Artemis Entreri.

There is only one fic posted in this AU. There Will Be More.

The Opposite of Arrogance

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Herding Cats, despite the title, is the AU where people can communicate and negotiate polyamorous relationships like fucking adults. There is only one posted fic in this universe, but I have a few WIPs that I haven't posted yet. There Will Be More.

Jarlaxle and Entreri are both assholes and Drizzt is done with both of them.

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Come Into My Parlor is an AU that diverges during Streams of Silver. Right now I've only posted one fic in this universe. There Will Be More.

This AU is entirely cohobbitation's fault.

Extreme UST while Vierna is teaching Sharlotta the proper stance to wield a whip.

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Heaven Is Overrated is the space opera AU that just won't die. Here are the pieces of it, listed in chronological order.
Stowaway : Catti-brie finds a stowaway as she's leaving Menzoberranzan's orbit
But Only So An Hour : Drizzt meets famed geneticist Alustriel Silverhand under less-than-ideal circumstances.
: Jarlaxle meets a human bounty hunter about a particular renegade
Underbelly : Jarlaxle reports back to Vierna before they begin their mission
Fire Point : Kimmuriel has some news (and some concerns) about Jarlaxle's activities on Calimshan
: On Damara's coldest moon, Entreri and Jarlaxle plot their next move
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I felt like trying to organize all my fics by chronological order, so here they are. AUs are listed at roughly the point where they diverge from canon (except for the space opera AU, which is outside the timeline entirely.)

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Summary: Further missing scene pre-Maestro fic. Follow-up to "As the Ice Will Go." Artemis inches slightly closer towards tolerating Jarlaxle again.
Wordcount: 1369

we both know what memories can bring / they bring diamonds and rust )
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Summary: Pre-Maestro, missing scene fic. Something to fill in the gaps from Entreri going from refusing to exist in the same city as Jarlaxle to asking for his help. (Title from Robert Frost's 'To the Thawing Wind.')
Wordcount: 1286


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Same rules as ever. Music on shuffle, I write as long as the song is playing.

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Same rules as ever. I put my music on shuffle and write until the song ends. (I have gone back and edited a little of these, if only not to end in the middle of a sentence.) Lots of Wicked this time 'round, lots of Jarlaxle and Entreri.

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Summary: Pre-PotWK. Entreri and Jarlaxle find themselves on the road in Damara when a blizzard hits. Fluff.
Wordcount: 1638

when the night was a blanket around us )

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Trade-fic with callmesherly. She requested a sequel to Cold. It starts exactly where Cold ended. Title comes from "Whistles the Wind" by Flogging Molly.
Wordcount: 1148


there's an ocean between where i am and where i want to be )
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Drabble. Missing scene, takes place during Chapter 7 of Maestro and therefore contains spoilers.

...and yet we keep falling )



A Note about the Thing )
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I signed up for trope_bingo!











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Summary: Sellswords!era. (Probably between SotS and PotWK.) A brief, frustrating conversation about emotion.

(I wrote this last week while the parts of my brain responsible for actual human communication were malfunctioning. I'm not sure if it quite works the way I want it to. The later dialogue is the part that's important to me, but I'm not sure how well the early dialogue sets it up.)

mouth full of pins and heart pumping gasoline )
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Have I mentioned how much I adore fic memes? 'Cause I do. They're fun.

For those who may be unfamiliar, the fic meme goes like this: I make a post (like this one!) wherein I ask for prompts. Sometimes there will be a theme (give me a pairing and a silly AU!), other times there will not. You give a prompt. I may or may not write the prompt. This goes on until the meme is closed, which will be indicated with some arcane, mysterious signal, such as a sentence in bold font saying "this fic post is closed to new prompts."

But right now this meme is open! Please ask me for fic, I write much faster with an audience in mind.

The theme for this meme is the silly space opera AU that I accidentally got attached to. Give me a question or a prompt and we'll see how it goes! (Note: Don't worry that your prompt won't fit into the AU. The fun thing about AUs and memes like this is that I don't really know where it's going. This is a good way for me to get some direction in a story that is, at this point, pretty aimless. Even if you do manage to prompt something that absolutely won't fit the story, then it'll just be an AU of an AU, which is still fun!)

Existing fic in this 'verse in chronological order:


This meme is currently closed.


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