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Have I mentioned how much I adore fic memes? 'Cause I do. They're fun.

For those who may be unfamiliar, the fic meme goes like this: I make a post (like this one!) wherein I ask for prompts. Sometimes there will be a theme (give me a pairing and a silly AU!), other times there will not. You give a prompt. I may or may not write the prompt. This goes on until the meme is closed, which will be indicated with some arcane, mysterious signal, such as a sentence in bold font saying "this fic post is closed to new prompts."

But right now this meme is open! Please ask me for fic, I write much faster with an audience in mind.

The theme for this meme is the silly space opera AU that I accidentally got attached to. Give me a question or a prompt and we'll see how it goes! (Note: Don't worry that your prompt won't fit into the AU. The fun thing about AUs and memes like this is that I don't really know where it's going. This is a good way for me to get some direction in a story that is, at this point, pretty aimless. Even if you do manage to prompt something that absolutely won't fit the story, then it'll just be an AU of an AU, which is still fun!)

Existing fic in this 'verse in chronological order:


This meme is currently closed.

Example Prompt!

Date: 2016-02-06 01:48 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
How does Drizzt leave Menzoberranzan in this AU?

RE: Example Prompt!

Date: 2016-02-06 02:48 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
It had been too easy, really. He'd been by the landing pads already when the alien ship (made entirely of metal, of all things!) had landed. Apparently they needed to refuel, and they wanted to sell some off-planet steel.

It was a decision made in a split-second. He'd snuck around the crowd of gawkers and slipped into the cargo bay. By the time he'd had the chance to reconsider, the bay doors were closing and the engines were humming again.

Drizzt looked back as Menzoberranzan vanished into the stars. But he could see it getting further away from him. Or, rather him getting further away from it. Menzoberranzan was the largest of Lolth's moons, but from this vantage point it looked small and barely livable. A cracked, dry surface, barely any atmosphere. No one would guess to look at it that there were thriving cities below the surface.


And there it was. The capture he'd been expecting. But it was no drow matron yelling at him. Instead it was a small... alien? She was half his height, with red hair and an inquisitive scowl. A human fledgling?

"Ye're a stowaway, aren't ye?" she asked, frowning at him. She spoke in Galactic Common, thankfully. Drizzt hadn't been sure if he'd be able to communicate with others once he was out of drow space.

"Please don't send me back." He wasn't sure why he started with that, rather than a denial or a justification.

Her eyes were considering. "Why not?"

Good question.

"I can be useful."

She looked doubtful.

"I already know how to fix the engines," she said. "Better than ye, I'll bet. Drow ships are weird."

"Your ship is the one that's weird to me," he pointed out. "But I don't know enough to repair drow ships either, in any case."

"Then what do ye do?"

"I can fight. And treat basic injuries." He'd studied genetics, of course, but that would hardly be useful on a ship that didn't breathe.

"Like a scrape or a bruise?"

"Like a plasma burn or stab wound." She blinked a bit. Maybe those weren't normal injuries for humans? He hadn't heard of humans being puncture-proof, but Menzoberranzan hadn't been at war with the humans for over a century. Things could have changed since then.

But instead of dismissing him as useless and running away to report the intruder, she sat down and studied him. Her eyes lingered on the burned edges of his jacket and the hilts of his scimitars. Drizzt had always been told that the drow were superior because they alone maintained a martial tradition; he now realized that those lessons had never explained what other species used to defend themselves. He frowned.

"What's yer home like? Da wouldn't let me go look."

"Much more populated than it looks like. You only got to see the surface, but most of our settlements are below ground."

"Yeah, we do that too. But I thought drow didn't know a mine from a moon crater?"

Humans built underground settlements? His lessons definitely hadn't included that.

"There's not much to mine, on Menzoberranzan. People who stay on the surface too long get sick from sunlight poisoning."

It took another ten increasingly specific questions before she'd believe him about sunlight being poisonous. Then she moved on to other questions. What did they do if they didn't mine things? If they didn't grow food in their labs, what did they grow? What did he mean they grew ships, that was silly.

Eventually he managed to turn it around a little and ask about her home. She didn't live on this ship. She and her father made this supply run about twice a year. They weren't part of a House, exactly, though they had a lot of neighbors who would help them out if something went wrong and was that the same thing? She didn't have siblings, but she would accept volunteers as long as they accepted that she was the oldest.

Eventually, a bellow echoed against the metal walls of the hallway.

"Ye found that loose wire yet?"

"I'm workin' on it," she called back. She smiled and stood up. "Ye're interesting at least. I'll sneak ye down some food later."

Note: The "sunlight poisoning" Drizzt mentions is actually radiation poisoning. Menzoberranzan's atmosphere is breathable, but it isn't thick enough to shield them from ultraviolet radiation. There's a reason they're below the surface.
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