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Drabble. Missing scene, takes place during Chapter 7 of Maestro and therefore contains spoilers.


"When I saw you had Claw, I did not think you were going to give it to me."

Jarlaxle blinked. Drizzt had gone ahead to scout and he'd been expecting Artemis to continue as he had been – only speaking to Jarlaxle when necessary.

He froze as the implications of Entreri's words sunk in. You thought I retrieved the sword in order to–

"You still think so little of me?"

Entreri shrugged.

"My–" Jarlaxle bit back the word friend. "It's a privilege to have you walking beside me again, if only temporarily. I would not want it from you unwilling."



A Note about the Thing:

Okay. So this is a drabble. It is exactly 100 words. I didn't have much more to say in the story, but I really badly want to talk about why I wrote this one.

This was a deliberate response –and intentional reframing– of the following exchange in Maestro, although obviously the drabble takes place much earlier, when they're still traveling through the tunnels.

“Why must you make my life so difficult?” [asked Jarlaxle.]

“To have me walking beside you is a privilege,” Entreri replied. “I want you to earn every step.”

This drabble deliberately reframes Entreri's statement as an echo, an indication that he's willing to listen to Jarlaxle long enough to absorb the things he says (and then use them against him.) This is, by my interpretation, a relatively large step forward in their relationship at this point.

I'm often asked why fanfiction? What's the point? And often, the point is just because it's fun. But there's a great deal of debate about whether fanfiction is derivative or transformative. This is a case where the fic is a deliberate attempt to shift someone's interpretation of the canon, to transform a brief exchange into something that's arguably more complex.

(I'm really not sure about the dialogue in this one. It may go on the "to rewrite" pile someday.)
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