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Same rules as ever. Music on shuffle, I write as long as the song is playing.


Nowadays from Chicago

"This is a bad idea." Dwahvel Tiggerwillies looked out into the crowd with a frown. Sharlotta Vespers smiled at her and pulled at her arm.

"Relax, you'll be fine." The tall woman was draped in bright silk that clung to her curves. "No one will even be looking at your face."

"Or we could just sneak out the back."

"You're short enough to avoid the notice of the guards. I am not." And with that, Sharlotta hip-bumped her out into the crowd.

If not for Sharlotta's hand on her elbow, Dwahvel didn't think she could have pushed through the crowd of dancers. But Sharlotta tugged her along, moving close enough to imply they were looking for a room.


25 Years by Blackmore's Night

Athrogate was being careful with him today. Jarlaxle scowled at him.

"Stop being so dour." They were alone on the dusty road and free to talk without observers.

"Yer one to talk."


The Spoken Wheel by Flogging Molly (song was shorter than I anticipated)

"You bastard." His voice broke and was barely audible to himself against the wind. He leaned against the cliff, huddled in his cloak. "You could not listen to me for once?"

Jarlaxle didn't answer.


When You're Good to Mama from Chicago

"I think I heard something out in the hall." The guard grinned as Entreri tossed him the bag of coins. "I think I'll go investigate it. For security's sake, o' course."

"Of course."

When he was gone, Entreri settled against the door with a scowl. "I cannot get you out of here," he told Drizzt.

"What of Dahlia?"

"She escaped. Alegni has his scouts looking for her. If she's smart, she's halfway to Luskan by now."

Drizzt nodded numbly. He wanted to think Dahlia would run.


Mineshaft II by Dessa

Jarlaxle grunted as he was pushed face-first against a wall. There was a knife against his throat and a hand over his eyes. Whoever had him knew to cover the one with the patch as well.

"Listen very carefully," the person pinning him whispered into his ear. The voice was familiar somehow but Jarlaxle couldn't place it. "I do not have long and I will explain this once.

"In two hours, a tiefling working for the Netherese will try to hire you. You will be tempted to turn him down. Do not do so. Take the job."

"The Netherese? Why--"


Sir Gawain and the Green Knight by Heather Dale

"I propose a game." Entreri stood up, taking a longsword from one of the nearby guards. "I'll even give you first blow."

"Go on."

"You hit me. One shot. Then, tomorrow morning, you stand still as I return the blow. If you aren't too scared to meet me."

"Excuse me?"

Entreri held out the sword, hilt-first. "Scared?"

The man laughed at him and took it. "Hardly."

Drizzt bit his lip. There was something he was missing here. He stood up, ready to interfere if necessary. Entreri looked at him and shook his head. The man turned and laughed.

"You're friend is worried," said the stranger. "He's smart."

"Just attack me already."

The man smirked and thrust the sword into Entreri's chest, right to the heart. From where Drizzt was sitting, he could see the bloody blade come out the other side. Entreri fell against the table and all the way down. The man checked for a pulse and laughed.

"So much for that morning appointment." He winked at Drizzt and Dahlia. "I'll be back later."

There was movement from the body at his feet. Entreri groaned and stood up.

"Yes, you will. See you in the morning."


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