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Summary: Sellswords!era. (Probably between SotS and PotWK.) A brief, frustrating conversation about emotion.

(I wrote this last week while the parts of my brain responsible for actual human communication were malfunctioning. I'm not sure if it quite works the way I want it to. The later dialogue is the part that's important to me, but I'm not sure how well the early dialogue sets it up.)

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Have I mentioned how much I adore fic memes? 'Cause I do. They're fun.

For those who may be unfamiliar, the fic meme goes like this: I make a post (like this one!) wherein I ask for prompts. Sometimes there will be a theme (give me a pairing and a silly AU!), other times there will not. You give a prompt. I may or may not write the prompt. This goes on until the meme is closed, which will be indicated with some arcane, mysterious signal, such as a sentence in bold font saying "this fic post is closed to new prompts."

But right now this meme is open! Please ask me for fic, I write much faster with an audience in mind.

The theme for this meme is the silly space opera AU that I accidentally got attached to. Give me a question or a prompt and we'll see how it goes! (Note: Don't worry that your prompt won't fit into the AU. The fun thing about AUs and memes like this is that I don't really know where it's going. This is a good way for me to get some direction in a story that is, at this point, pretty aimless. Even if you do manage to prompt something that absolutely won't fit the story, then it'll just be an AU of an AU, which is still fun!)

Existing fic in this 'verse in chronological order:


This meme is currently closed.
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Summary: More space-opera!AU. Jarlaxle reports back to Vierna before they begin their mission and gets an unpleasant surprise. (517 words.)
Trigger warnings (highlight to read): Body horror.

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Wordcount: 1627
Summary: Missing scene fic after the end of The Silent Blade. Dwahvel Tiggerwillies has some unfinished business with the assassin that's been haunting her.

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I felt like warming up the writerly muscles, so I put my music on shuffle and wrote for each song that came up, for as long as it was playing. Nothing here but ficlets, but it was fun.

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A Memory of Ashes
Paths cross in the crumbling city of Luskan as Jarlaxle confronts his memories of what happened in Baldur's Gate. A story of betrayal, intrigue, and gratuitous warehouse explosions. Post-Spellplague, pre-Neverwinter Saga.

Rules (tumblr)
Prompt-fic. Kimmuriel ponders the consequences of his actions. A missing scene from "A Memory of Ashes."

Cold (tumblr)
A ficlet I wrote when I was drunk. Jarlaxle runs into a cold, tired Entreri in a universe where "Charon's Claw" never really happened.

There's No Going Down (dreamwidth)
Sequel to Cold, written in a fic-trade with callmesherly on tumblr.

Unquiet Ghosts (livejournal tumblr)
Missing scene fic after the end of The Silent Blade. Dwahvel Tiggerwillies has some unfinished business with the assassin that's been haunting her.

AU: Heaven is Overrated (index)
Space-opera!AU. Yes, really. This is what happens when I listen to too much sci-fi filk in one day.
Stowaway : Catti-brie finds a stowaway as she's leaving Menzoberranzan's orbit
But Only So An Hour : Drizzt meets famed geneticist Alustriel Silverhand under less-than-ideal circumstances.
: Jarlaxle meets a human bounty hunter about a particular renegade
Underbelly : Jarlaxle reports back to Vierna before they begin their mission
Fire Point : Kimmuriel has some news (and some concerns) about Jarlaxle's activities on Calimshan
: On Damara's coldest moon, Entreri and Jarlaxle plot their next move
The Opposite of Arrogance (tumblr)
Another AU. Catti-brie finds herself working for Bregan D'aerthe during the course of "Starless Night."

Counterfeit (dreamwidth)
Sellswords era. A brief, frustrating conversation between Entreri and Jarlaxle about emotions.

Domestic Fluff (tumblr)
Fluffy prompt-fic. The sellswords gain a troublesome apartment-warming present. A revised version was posted to under the title "Positive Space."

So Slow a Pace as This (dreamwidth)
Drabble written in post-Maestro feels.

A Moment In Ice (dreamwidth)
Pre-PotWK. Entreri and Jarlaxle find themselves on the road in Damara when a blizzard hits. Cuddling and fluff.

Sparks in the Night (tumblr)
AU ficlet. Banter-fic that takes place after a plot deviation from Last Threshold.

As The Ice Will Go
(dreamwidth tumblr)
Pre-Maestro, missing scene fic. Something to fill in the gaps from Entreri going from refusing to exist in the same city as Jarlaxle to asking for his help.

The Ninth Parry
(dreamwidth tumblr)
Sequel to As The Ice Will Go. Artemis inches slightly closer towards tolerating Jarlaxle again.

Isolation (livejournal)
Ficlet. A kinkmeme fill. Prompt was Catti Brie/Drizzt/Entreri threesome. I cannot write porn, so they got cooperative wound-treatment instead.

Unmasked (livejournal: Part 1 Part 2)
An AU of an AU. A sequel to SquirrellyThief's fic, Masquerade, in which Entreri and Drizzt run into each other and unknowingly have a one-night stand during the Spellplague timeskip. I wanted to know what would happen next.

some tricks of desperation (dreamwidth)
Missing scene from Maestro. Because when you've been captured by drow and can't escape, there's nothing to distract you from hitting your ex-boyfriend/business partner in the face with his bad life choices.

AU: Herding Cats (index)
AU from "The Last Threshold" onward, in which everyone has something resembling the capacity to communicate like adults.  Eventual Dahlia/Drizzt/Entreri/Jarlaxle OT4.
Testing Links and Limits: Drizzt and Dahlia Talk About Feelings
Tolerare: Jarlaxle doesn't lose track of them this time.
Sparks in the Night: banter!fic. Takes place sometime after Jarlaxle shows up but before Entreri forgives him
everywhere like mill dust: hair-braiding, flower-weaving fluffiness


Every Song's An OTP Song if You Try Hard Enough: King And Lionheart (livejournal tumblr)

No Such Thing as a Good King: Politics and Narrative Framing in Road of the Patriarch (tumblr)

Untitled 1 (tumblr)
In which I like weirdly obscure combinations of stuff, in this case Fanfiction as Negative Space and Brust's Literary Theory of Cool.

Untitled 2 (tumblr)
Happy flailings about Starless Night

Untitled 3 (tumblr)
Mutterings about mysterious character motivations and RAS's fondness for them.

On Empathy (livejournal)
A short personal essay about empathy and character development.

Why Idalia's Flute Can Go Blow Itself to Hell (dreamwidth)
Personal essay about asexuality, autism, and Road of the Patriarch. An examination and defense of my own emotions.

Unmasked 2

Dec. 7th, 2015 09:41 pm
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First chapter here. (Warning: My main strengths as a writer are bad weather and grieviously injuring the characters. This chapter contains both.)

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Someone helpfully pointed out some issues with my suggested timeline and as a result I made some revisions to my outline. It doesn't change most of the events (interlude/backstory events largely got spaced out) but it does change the emotional impact of some of the frontstory events.

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Fandom: Legend of Drizzt
Era: Post-Spellplague, pre-Neverwinter Saga. Specifically, it's set in 1411, with interludes in 1373.
Pairings: None. There is no shipping, only sadness and fire.
Characters: Jarlaxle, Artemis Entreri
Summary: Paths cross in the crumbling city of Luskan as Jarlaxle confronts his memories of what happened in Baldur's Gate. A story of betrayal, intrigue, and gratuitous warehouse explosions.

Notes: This fic originated from two different questions about the timeskip. You may recall that one of the few details we have about the whole selling-Entreri-out-the-the-Netherese thing is that Kimmuriel and Quenthel teamed up to fuck with Jarlaxle's memories, making him think that Entreri had betrayed him somehow. He's aware of the deception by the time the Neverwinter Saga rolls around, but I wondered, how did he find out? In addition, Entreri is at one point hesitant to go to Luskan because of an unspecified incident there that he thinks Jarlaxle would want revenge on him for, forty years prior to Gauntlgrym. What happened there and why doesn't Jarlaxle realize that Entreri was alive at that point? From the information we have, it's reasonable to assume that these two incidents occurred around the same time. This fic is the result of me trying to answer these two questions.

---when all that's left in our trembling hands are the ashes of tomorrow )
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Directly inspired by and following this fic by SquirrellyThief. (It becomes AU after Part 2.) I wanted to know what might have happened, had things gone differently.

i have a dozen fics in draft right now and this is the one i published first. i hope people don't decide i'm too weird )
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As an exercise in futility, I've been trying to figure out a tentative timeline for some things between Road of the Patriarch and Gauntlgrym. (I like timelines. The fact that the canon details are infuriatingly inconsistent only spurs me on.)

So much theoretical behind the cut. YMMV

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On Empathy

Jun. 13th, 2015 05:22 pm
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I've been thinking a lot about empathy lately. Mainly, I've been thinking about its significance in Artemis Entreri's character growth and why I care so much.

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So, I recently saw a post talking about songs that literally everyone had connected to their otp. Out of curiosity, I chose the one whose title seemed least likely for my current Jarlaxle/Entreri and looked it up. That song was King and Lionheart by Of Monsters and Men. I was expecting to like the song, but probably not get any feels from it.

Boy was I wrong. Specifically, it gave me feelings about what little I remembered from that shitty, shitty "King Artemis the First" plotline from Road of the Patriarch. Specifically, I could see Jarlaxle's know, if you squinted and tilted your head to the side.

This meta is 90% conjecture and psychoanalysis. (The other 10% is bad spelling.) Everything contained within should be prefaced with "in my opinion" or "perhaps," but I'm too lazy to type that all the time, so just add it in your head. Basically, YMMV.
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