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The Opposite of Arrogance is an AU that diverges during Starless Night. In it, Catti-brie gets Jarlaxle to agree to help her rescue Drizzt from the Baenres, but is informed that it could take a while. In the meantime, she's working for Bregan D'aerthe and experiencing culture shock with Artemis Entreri.

There is only one fic posted in this AU. There Will Be More.

The Opposite of Arrogance

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Herding Cats, despite the title, is the AU where people can communicate and negotiate polyamorous relationships like fucking adults. There is only one posted fic in this universe, but I have a few WIPs that I haven't posted yet. There Will Be More.

Jarlaxle and Entreri are both assholes and Drizzt is done with both of them.

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Come Into My Parlor is an AU that diverges during Streams of Silver. Right now I've only posted one fic in this universe. There Will Be More.

This AU is entirely cohobbitation's fault.

Extreme UST while Vierna is teaching Sharlotta the proper stance to wield a whip.

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Heaven Is Overrated is the space opera AU that just won't die. Here are the pieces of it, listed in chronological order.
Stowaway : Catti-brie finds a stowaway as she's leaving Menzoberranzan's orbit
But Only So An Hour : Drizzt meets famed geneticist Alustriel Silverhand under less-than-ideal circumstances.
: Jarlaxle meets a human bounty hunter about a particular renegade
Underbelly : Jarlaxle reports back to Vierna before they begin their mission
Fire Point : Kimmuriel has some news (and some concerns) about Jarlaxle's activities on Calimshan
: On Damara's coldest moon, Entreri and Jarlaxle plot their next move


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