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Yet more herding cats AU.

Takes place at the end of the Last Threshold, after Jarlaxle rescues them from Draygo Quick's castle.  In the same AU as Testing Links and Limits, so there is already-established Dahlia/Drizzt/Entreri.  Takes place before Sparks in the Night.

Wordcount: 1090

(verb) to bear, endure )


(Note:  There are around twenty ways Jarlaxle's conversation with Artemis could have gone.  This is the "healthy communication for everyone" AU, but I'm keeping the less optimistic routes on standby for various other fic notions.)

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Summary: After a series of near-disasters emphasizes the importance of clear communication, Drizzt and Dahlia have a necessary conversation about their relationship and where its limits lie. Pre-OT3 (Dahlia/Drizzt/Entreri)

Wordcount: 2123

Note: The disasters referenced in the summary are the diverging point of this AU. However, they don't actually occur in this fic.  This fic is entirely aftermath.

In which people actually communicate... )
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So the effective premise for my "herding cats" AU (which I haven't posted much of yet) is basically that, if people actually would communicate with each other like adults, they could be braiding flowers into each others' hair in a sunlit meadow instead of trying to kill each other and running off into blizzards.

This is, I guess, the endpoint of that premise.  Sometime after The Last Threshold.  The companions of the hall, if they are alive, are not in this fic.

Summary:  Polyamorous hair-braiding in a sunlit meadow.  Artemis/Dahlia/Drizzt/Jarlaxle.  Possibly the most saccharine thing I've ever written.
Wordcount: 2086
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Herding Cats, despite the title, is the AU where people can communicate and negotiate polyamorous relationships like fucking adults.

In chronological order:

Testing Links and Limits
Sparks in the Night
everywhere like mill dust
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Context: This AU deviates at the end of The Last Threshhold. Rather than listening to Kimmuriel and going elsewhere, Jarlaxle catches up with everyone else outside Luskan and begins to travel with them for a while as they all go north, before they all do a Rip Van Winkle.

Banter!fic. Jarlaxle and Entreri are both assholes and Drizzt is done with both of them. No one has healthy conflict resolution skills.

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