Sep. 13th, 2015

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Fandom: Legend of Drizzt
Era: Post-Spellplague, pre-Neverwinter Saga. Specifically, it's set in 1411, with interludes in 1373.
Pairings: None. There is no shipping, only sadness and fire.
Characters: Jarlaxle, Artemis Entreri
Summary: Paths cross in the crumbling city of Luskan as Jarlaxle confronts his memories of what happened in Baldur's Gate. A story of betrayal, intrigue, and gratuitous warehouse explosions.

Notes: This fic originated from two different questions about the timeskip. You may recall that one of the few details we have about the whole selling-Entreri-out-the-the-Netherese thing is that Kimmuriel and Quenthel teamed up to fuck with Jarlaxle's memories, making him think that Entreri had betrayed him somehow. He's aware of the deception by the time the Neverwinter Saga rolls around, but I wondered, how did he find out? In addition, Entreri is at one point hesitant to go to Luskan because of an unspecified incident there that he thinks Jarlaxle would want revenge on him for, forty years prior to Gauntlgrym. What happened there and why doesn't Jarlaxle realize that Entreri was alive at that point? From the information we have, it's reasonable to assume that these two incidents occurred around the same time. This fic is the result of me trying to answer these two questions.

---when all that's left in our trembling hands are the ashes of tomorrow )


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